Our Story

'A fairytalesque picture of spring blossoms, candy floss clouds, shimmering butterflies and hummingbirds inspired her name, Fleurs Avenue. Where dreams, love and fantasy wonderland stay connected.'


Established in 2009, with its first presence on ETSY. Subsequently stocking independent boutique stores in England. 

A peculiar floristry that's 100% pollen free, FLEURS AVENUE beautifies women with lovely whimsical jewellery and accessory designs driven by dreams, stories, poetry, fantasy and cultural inspiration. Beautifying women as flowers do to the earth. 

Our designs are crafted using a variety of high-quality materials, including but not limited to Swarovski crystals, Czech glass and Cubic Zirconia. Most of our designs are crafted in brass or stainless steel, heavily plated with 14K-24K gold or silver, or left raw intentionally and with gold-filled and sterling silver in our premium collection.

Semi-precious stones, feathers and many other organic materials, including polymer clay and resins, are frequently incorporated in our designs. 
Due to its natural source, slight inconsistencies of colour, size and texture are part of its unique characteristics. Please refer to product page for materials used in each design.

We are confident you will find something that sparks joy to pamper yourself or your loved one. If you'd like to say hello, stock our products or require a personalised order, please drop us an email.

Fleurs Avenue has been featured on various press, blogs and publications such as the real simple magazine, Iheartdaily, Vintage indie, Gogosushi, Heylittlebirdie, Daydreamlily, Haute design and Etsy's Storque, etc.





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