Hello Everybody,

How are you doing? I hope you're all safe and sound from this awful pandemic that has taken away loads of our joy from 2020. Millions have lost their jobs and their love ones. It's a truly difficult time. I experienced this myself not too long ago, so I know this is a really really awful time that's beyond description actually and you really need a lot of support and strength to stay strong. 

It's even tougher now because we have to socially distance ourselves from our family and friends to protect them. We're also forced to adopt a new normal, to stay home, to work from home. Actually, what we have is a luxury. It's really sad when you think about healthcare workers who can't and the elderly who are digitally estranged during these times.

That said, I know it's not very enjoyable to be forced to stay home of course and we're all doing our best to occupy our time, finding activities to stay sane. Myself included. I've gone to the extent to learn to make boba tea from scratch.

I have also decided to create several motivational desktop wallpapers to serve me positive reminders, which I thought I'd share with you too. 

If you'd like these and would like to see more or have these in a different size, do let me know with a comment below!


fleurs avenue desktop wall paper
Fleurs Avenue Desktop Wallpaper Tomorrow Will Be Better
Fleurs Avenue It won't be like this forever desktop motivational wallpaper