Sterling silver is an alloy mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (often copper). As pure silver is a very soft metal, mixing it with another metal is essential to produce a stronger product.


Minimize contact with wool, paints, latex, rubber bands

Avoid contact with perfume, hair sprays, chlorine, seawater, lotions and detergents as they may contain bleaches and unknown chemicals.


Polish and clean your 925 silver jewellery regularly as the tarnish will tend to get stubborn after some time and professional polishing may be needed.

It's recommended to polish your 925 silver with a polishing cloth before using it.

If you have to wash them, use a little soap and water with a soft dry cloth to dry your wet jewellery.

Avoid drying with tissue papers or paper hand towels, always use a 925 silver polishing cloth.


Always store in a cool dry environment, humidity accelerates the tarnish process.


Never allow your 925 sterling silver to be in contact with other metals or rough surfaces as this will result in scratches.